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As a family-owned business, Tshanduko Resources places a strong emphasis on family values, mutual support and professionalism. We place a strong emphasis on quality and timely service provision at every level of our operations- from management to site supervision, and place quality, reliability and honesty at the core of all we do.


Tshanduko Resources is part of a group of specialized companies that include Tshanduko Building Supplies, Tshanduko Plumbing Services and Tshanduko Civil and Construction, which is owned and managed by Christopher.

Generally, all employees within the Tshanduko Resources group of companies are highly skilled in all aspects that pertain to building and renovation work and are able to play a hands- on role in both companies. Because we have forged good relationships with specialist consultants in all relevant fields to our building and construction projects. We are able to effectively manage the requirements of these projects single handedly with the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Tshanduko Resources group of companies:

Tshanduko plumbing services

Tshanduko Building supplies

Tshanduko civil and construction